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Innovation Bazaar – tech event Marine & Automotive

Time: 04.5.2017 at 8.30-17.00
Place:  Radisson Blue Sky – Tallinn, Estonia.

There are number of industries that are going through fundamental changes, driven by technology, Marine & Automotive industries are no exceptions. These industries will totally change, within the next 10 years, where digital technology will be the main force of change and where software will define the hardware.

Traditionally the Marine & Automotive industry has focused on HW innovation but now SW is changing that. Like the mobile industry, where mobile phones were originally just a voice device and its innovation was focused on the radio-frequency engineering, transmissions and antenna and when we moved to smart phones, innovation moved to SW, OS and applications. When change to these industries happens, the winners seem to control product development end-to-end. From HW and all the way to applications and how the end user interacts with their products.

We at AM2 are pleased to initiate” Innovation Bazaar, a tech event for Marine & Automotive”

The event will run in partnership with Wärtsilä & AM2 and is focused on tech innovation within Marine & Automotive. This will be one of the first dedicated Marine & Automotive events in Europe and offers a huge opportunity for startups to come to Tallinn and be part of on of a growing tech ecosystem. It’s an exciting time as new business models and digitalization are disrupting existing value chain as we know it.

We are inviting innovative tech companies to join us to explore new business opportunities as we provide strategic advice on capital raising and growth strategy to leading technology entrepreneur and strategic investment services to companies and investors across the globe.
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